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A melon and one reasons…

After launching H2coco in 2009, David Freeman’s thirst for innovation has only grown, as he introduces H2melon, the world’s first, long-life, 100% watermelon water beverage, to the Australian market.

H2melon will work in alliance with H2coco, but will target a new and broader market, says Freeman. “When coconut water launched, you’d have to be a yoga student or someone health conscious to know about it. But everyone knows what watermelon is, and I see it to be more of a lifestyle drink. Our message for H2melon is that it’s fun, it’s tasty whilst also gluten free, fat free, dairy free and vegan friendly – so it’s a beverage that everyone can enjoy.”

With watermelon dubbed, as Australia’s biggest Superfood for 2017, leading the way and staying on the creative edge is what Freeman thrives on. “For H2 I’ve always had the vision of delivering premium products, that are better for you. And I’m constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve and bring more innovation to the market.”

Unlike anything else on the market, H2melon pure watermelon water is free from additives, preservative, concentrates, artificial flavours and contains no added sugar – making this fresh, healthy, fun, long-life beverage, one in melon!

H2melon launched into Woolworths Supermarket and Caltex Starmart in March and will be available in other leading supermarkets, petrol stations and convenience stores from April.

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